I’m thrilled to have turned a personal passion into a product that so many other people are now able to enjoy. Cheers!

The CLEAN Sparkling Beverage

Why Is The Beverage Called CASON?

Coming up with a name for a beverage brand is difficult.

In fact, I’d say one of the biggest challenges about starting this company was trying to find a name that was meaningful to the product and the company’s purpose, while at the same time being unique enough to trademark (the latter being very important).

Of course, one of the first things you do when ‘brainstorming’ potential names is you ask your friends, family, mentors, and even random people for input.

One of my mentors suggested I name it after myself.

“Your name ‘checks off’ all the boxes, i.e. it’s cool, it’s short, and it’s and unique. A ‘case of CASON’ rolls off the tongue nicely” one of my mentors said.

“Ha, what kind of vain prick names a beverage after himself?” I replied. (Turns out, there are many. I don’t know if they’re vain pricks though)

After, that discussion, I had my graphic designer mock-up a label with three different brand names. I figured the best way to get feedback is to ask random strangers that didn’t know me. Turns out, 80% of those strangers preferred the name CASON.


When the market responded well to it,
I figured – why fight it? Then, I got
the idea of making it an acronym.

C – Clean
A – Alternative to
S – Soft drinks
O – Plus (+ sign that also represents health)
N – Natural ingredients

So, there you have it. That’s the story
of how CASON Beverage got it’s name.

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